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I created Just for Seniors after experiencing life as the care giver for two aging parents.  For years I struggled to balance my corporate career with the growing physical, emotional and social needs of my ailing parents.  Getting them to and from numerous doctor appointments was a challenge.  Attending the appointments required absence from work and was not always supported by corporate management.  Most of my allotted vacation and sick time was used for these purposes. 

After my father’s passing, I became very concerned about my mom’s growing isolation and lack of participation in the outside world.  I sought out trusted resources that would get her out of the house and off the couch.  Due to physical limitations, these outings would not be able to last more than a couple hours at a time a few days a week.  Because of those limitations, there were no commercial options available.  After identifying the need Just for Seniors was born to provide the help to busy families that I wished I would have had. 

All my “Rent-a-Daughters” are mature, caring individuals who enjoy working with seniors.  They exhibit the highest moral character and have passed OSBI background checks.   You can rest assured that in your absence, the seniors you love are in the hands of trusted, ethical companions who are looking out for their best interests. 

If you are struggling with the added responsibility of caring for the seniors you love, give me a call at (405) 227-0801.  I’d love to help you out. 

Deborah Wallace  


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