“Rent-a-Daughter” Services

At Just for Seniors, our passion is getting seniors out of the house and engaged in the community while they still can. We love working with seniors to find fun and stimulating activities that get them excited and improve their quality of life. In addition to individual activity plans, let us help you and your loved ones with: 

Doctor Appointments

When your busy schedule will not allow, let us transport and escort your loved-one to their doctor appointment or medical procedure. If needed, we can help them complete all the necessary paperwork or act as an advocate on their behalf. We can be a “second set of ears” for the discussion with the doctor and report the conversation and plan back to the family.


Shopping and Errands

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When your loved-one’s ability to drive is impaired, we can give them back some of their independence. Let us take your loved-one out to perform their shopping and errand activities. Or, we can perform those activities for them. We are a great resource for holiday preparations because we provide the independence of not having to rely on already stressed family members.

Help Around the House

As housekeeping and meal preparation become more challenging, let us take up the slack. We can prepare meals in-house for your loved-one and help with routine light housekeeping or larger organization projects. If your loved-one needs help with larger household chores or home repairs, we can help them find reputable service people that get the job done right.

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Medication Reminders

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Seniors often have difficulty remembering to take their prescribed medication. While our license does not allow us to interact directly with medication, we can give your loved-one a reminder to take their medications.

Caregiver Respite

The primary caregivers of aging loved-ones are often overworked and underappreciated. Give them a time-out. Let us care for your loved one while giving their caregiver a break.

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As mobility decreases, seniors often lose touch with friends. This isolation can cause loneliness and depression. We can help your loved-one find activities that stimulate their interests and get them excited at home or in the community.

Moving and Downsizing

 If your loved-one is moving to a smaller residence or downsizing to senior living, let us help you with the move. We can help them sort through their belongings, distribute donations to reputable agencies, facilitate the sale of items, and pack belongings for moving or storage. On move day, we partner with local movers and coordinate the effort. We can also help your loved-one unpack and get settled in their new place.

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We are here to help.

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